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Software and Web Consulting

Software and Web Consulting

To tackle the unique business challenges in an increasingly digital world, Morison Menon has two separate divisions. We recognized the need to have specialist teams in place to handle website development and software development. An online presence that is visible, robust and highly engaging gives out the message that you’re a force to reckon with, and that you are serious about your business growth. In a world where people are increasingly turning to mobile devices for making crucial purchase decisions, you cannot afford to be left behind. Morison Menon is your partner for technology solutions. Our innovative thinking and strategic planning combines with our deep expertise to help you sail through the most turbulent challenges.



Software Products

The bond between technology, business and creativity has become almost unbreakable today, and there is a huge demand for business services that are tech enabled, and the demand is growing exponentially. Our software division, Zenologics has technology wizards who help clients overcome their most difficult IT challenges.

These are the products that we have currently:
Zebras 2.0
This is an Enterprise Resource Planning application that will let you monitor and control each and every aspect of your business. This state-of-the-art ERP solution can be customized for different industries like construction, trading, retail, manufacturing and service segments. You can use this product to gather, record, manage and analyze data from several business activities, including: product planning, purchase, manufacturing or service delivery. This centralized system helps you minimize duplicate entries, streamline your processes thereby increasing efficiency and productivity, and eventually helps you deliver better customer service and enhance your revenues.
Heads HCM
This software is a premium human capital management solution; it is based on the premise that people (employees) are assets whose current value is measurable, and can be improved upon through investment (training programs and so on). This radical approach informs employees about performance expectations that are well defined and communicated regularly. Through this software, our clients will be able to encourage employees to give their best efforts, rewarding high-performing employees through a consistent system of review and rating, as well as achieve the set business goals seamlessly.

Web Consulting

Our web consulting division is IPIX Solutions. The expert team at IPIX is well versed in the latest trends and technologies in website development, web apps and more. They are adept at developing engaging, attractive and effective websites whether they are e-commerce sites, brochure sites or anything else. With inputs from your marketing and/or sales teams, our developers and designers can create custom apps and websites that ensure you have an unshakeable online presence that serve to boost your income and help build your brand. Through this division we also provide many ancillary services like social media branding, managing your online reputation, running paid ads campaigns and more. These are the services provided specifically
Responsive Web Design Interface Design User Experience Digital Branding
Web Development App Development E-Commerce Content Management Systems Software Development
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing Social Media SEO & SEM PPC Strategy PR & Content Marketing Online Reputation Management Media Planning & Buying Mobile Ads Social Ads Banner Ads Google AdWords

We offer the following products to our clients:

QC Audit Manager

This is a tailor-made QC Audit Portal developed with the help of top-notch audit consultants. User friendly and highly effective, it features brilliant UI/UX customization.

Online Exam Portal

This is a customized app specifically created to help students take mock exercises. You also have the option to set up an exam with rich features with this versatile app.


This app is designed exclusively to help you manage your properties and everything related to it – equipment, maintenance, legal matters, and anything else. The Property Management System takes care of all these aspects so that you can properly track everything related to your personal and official properties.


We help our clients serve their clients even better with this Customer Relations Management app. You can get a comprehensive view of all the current sales activities of each customer, the contact history, deal size, as well as competitor information so that you can craft messaging that is instantly effective, engaging and result-oriented.

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