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HR Advisory & Consulting

HR Advisory & Consulting

Manager – Human Resources and AdministrationAn organization's biggest asset is its workforce, and in today's complex world, managing your human resources effectively can be your biggest challenge. The multifarious challenges faced by businesses today have significantly altered the priority chain with regard to organization, human resources and talent. Morison Menon’s HR Consultancy and Advisory services help clients to hire the best talent at the right price; to place the right person in the right job and so on. We also assist our clients in crafting strategies to minimize attrition, plan promotions and successions, career growth and so on. We understand that any good organization needs good leaders. We have several training programs that enable employees to learn and grow into leaders. Our clients can also leverage our expertise in creating employee handbooks, performing HR audits, developing procedures for performance evaluation, and so on. Our HR consulting team is highly qualified and has years of experience in the field; they combine their expertise with their know-how of the latest industry requirements, training methodology and their skill in managing human capital to ensure that your cost is reduced without compromising on efficiency.

Talent Acquisition & Management

  • Recruitment Strategies and Sourcing
  • Performance and Talent Management
  • Career Planning and Retention Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development
  •  Organizational Design & Restructuring
  • Job Analysis / Evaluation
  • Employer BrandingManager - HR Advisory

    HR Policies & Procedure Design

  • Employee Induction
  • Employee Handbook
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR Effectiveness / HR Audit

    Learning & Development

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management



Training and Development

Training employees is not an expense but an investment. Training empowers employees by enhancing their skills and enabling them to align with the company’s objectives. Our carefully selected trainers are adept in assisting our clients to achieve their employee performance objectives as well as long-term organizational goals.
We understand that the busy schedule of your employees may not permit them to attend training session. Morison Menon has flexible training options; your employees can attend our live webinars or watch recorded ones. Our experienced team of industry experts can help you stay up to date with the latest developments in your field and to keep up with changing technology.
In House Training
Our team of proficient trainers is adept at developing training solutions that are a perfect fit for your industry and the specific requirements of your individual company. We can provide customized and effective training in your premises for your employees and senior management.
Executive Seminars
We have roped in renowned speakers from across the world who are skilled and experienced in delivering effective training sessions for senior employees and managers. Through the aegis of Morison Menon we conduct innovative training sessions through workshops and seminars on a wide spectrum of topics like Risk, Compliance, Governance, Organizational Restructuring, and so on. Emphasis is always given to the latest happenings, events, technologies and current methodologies.
Board Training
Apart from your employees, your Board members also may require a few sessions to help them stay up to date with current regulations, technology, latest events, best practices, and industry trends. At Morison Menon we have devised specific training modules in the form of seminars and workshops to help you keep the members of your Board on top of the latest developments. We also provide trainings to the members of the Board of various corporates, so as to keep them abreast of the current best practices & updates including regulatory updates.

HR Audit

Our HR Audit Services not only assist organizations in dealing with the risks associated with increased compliance requirements, but also the challenges in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function. Our services centre around three main offerings, reflecting the needs and requirements of organizations at various stages in their growth and development:
HR Compliance Audit
HR Compliance Audit reviews all HR activities from an ’employment legislation compliance’ perspective. This includes the audit of current HR policies, procedures, employee files, documentation and practices.
HR Best Practice Audit
For organizations ready to advance their HR function to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, the HR Best Practice Audit includes the Compliance Audit outlined above and reviews your HR activities from a best practice and strategic perspestive
Specialized HR Audit
Not all organizational needs fall neatly into the requirements listed above, hence our customers are happy to tailor a specific HR audit service to your requirements.

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