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Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)

GRC service assists organizations to effectively monitor and manage risk and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements. It may so happen that a conflict of interests may arise – some of the regulations may not exactly promote business growth. The trick is to strike a fine balance between the two. Complying with governmental regulations is not optional, it’s mandatory. At the same time you cannot lose sight of your business goals. Juggling the two may be a difficult task; this is exactly where we come in. GRC team at Morison Menon have the experience to help you manage risk and ensure compliance to regulatory requirements.



Corporate Governance

High Standards of Corporate Governance helps organizations reassure its stakeholders regarding the sustainability and succession of the business. Only when investors are convinced about the perpetual existence of a business will they have confidence to continue their association with it. Morison Menon’s team has the experience and in-depth knowledge that can assist you achieve sound corporate governance framework, giving you a much-needed edge over your competitors.Read more ...

Enterprise Risk Management

Following the global economic meltdown, a majority of companies moved to a risk adjusted return system so that they could reassure their stakeholders and create value for them. Morison Menon’s professionals have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of managing risk effectively. As such, we can ably assist you in complying with all the regulations set forth by the Government while ensuring business growth.

Risk Appetite
Our services include setting up the risk appetite of the organization for achieving its strategic plan. We work closely with the senior management and the board to ensure alignment of the risk appetite parameters with the strategic goal of the organization.
Risk Framework & Reports
Our services include identifying the inherent and residual risk of the organization, before developing the key framework for each risk type. We serve varied industries including Banking (in line with BCBS regulations or CB-UAE), Investment and Core Industry (in line with COSO framework or ISO 31000).
Risk Measurement Model
Our services include development of measurement model for the identified risks and also provide the board with a view of the expected losses over the next one year, in case the market comes under stress.
Reporting Framework
Our services include assisting organizations in setting reporting calendar for their key regulators and board i.e. CB-UAE/ECSA, Board Risk Committees etc.

AML/KYC & Compliance

UAE government has a strict policy against money laundering, and maintains a very strong anti-money laundering system through the enactment of two laws. These laws set forth guidelines stating that financial institutions should constantly scrutinize and be on the lookout for money laundering activity. These laws require banks, money exchange firms, finance companies, and any other financial institutions operating in the UAE to strictly follow KYC, or Know Your Customer guidelines. Further, it is mandatory for financial institutions to verify the customer’s identity and maintain transaction details (including name and address of initiator and beneficiary) for transactions over a limit as specified by the Government from time to time. Morison Menon’s employees are well versed with all government regulations in this regard, and help organizations ensure that they comply with all the requirements set forth by the Government.

AML Framework
  • Development of Regulatory Universe
  • Gap Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Design & Implementation plan for Policy, Procedures & Manual
KYC Remediation
  • Customer Identification
  • Client Risk Assessment
  • Client Outreach for remediation of Expired KYC/Missing KYC
  • Compliance Monitoring Plan & Testing
  • Transaction Monitoring Advisory
  • DIFC MLRO/AML Outsourcing

IT Security and Risk Services

Security Auditing & Information Security Consultancy
  • Mobile Security
  • Vulnerability Management Solution
  • Penetration Testing
  • Configuration Audit of Servers & Devices
  • Web Application Security Audit
  • Formulation/Review of Security Policies
Cyber Forensics
  • Media Forensics
  • E-mail Forensics
  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Incident Handling
Corporate Trainings
  • IT Security Awareness Training
  • Web Application Pen Testing Training

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