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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

With the rapid globalization of markets, the emergence of free trade zones and the vast opportunities provided by the expanded common markets, financial accounting has become a lot more complicated. And if the past few years are any guide, the future might hold more regulations, new requirements, and a rising compliance burden. Morison Menon Chartered Accountants is one of the leading accounting firms in GCC – a professional services firm that has been contributing to the success of its clients by creating value and confidence, allowing them to move forward confidently in the new economy. We ensure that our accounting services standard keeps up with the convergence of accounting and auditing standards throughout the world, and are committed to maintain the highest level of professional standards and quality for company’s financial accounting to meet global standards. The success of every business ventures is directly linked to maintaining the confidence of its stakeholders, viz, shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers, regulators, and society in general. We provide insights to accounting and auditing guidance for our clients, which is a key factor that is critical for successful business and for implementing accounting exercises effectively. Earning an independent assurance report from Morison Menon Chartered Accountants is one of the actions a company can take to earn the trust with stakeholders. Our achievement of being awarded the most acclaimed Superbrand status for four consecutive years not only implicated our breadth and depth of commitment, knowledge and technical expertise, but also strengthened our position as the top Accountants in GCC. Our commitment towards upgrading internal knowledge and support technology for our audit professionals allow us to be abreast with the latest tools and knowledge to deliver quality services to our clients. Ethical standards and professional integrity form the backbone of our service. With years of excellence in the industry, Morison Menon offers the best Accounting Services, GCC can hope for.  



Book-keeping and Accounting Services

Accounting is a necessity in every business – whether it is Proprietary Business, Limited Liability Company or Listed Company or a Multi-national Corporation. Accurate, reliable and timely financial reporting is essential for monitoring business performance as well as to comply with government regulations. Managing accounting without professional help can be a difficult task.
Morison Menon offers comprehensive accounting services to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function.We can help you fulfil your accounting requirements including payroll processing, while freeing your bandwidth to focus on your core business. Our highly qualified and skilled accountants have in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures across industries.

Our support includes:

  • Accounting supervision
  • Forecasts, budgets and projections
  • Part time & periodic bookkeeping services by qualified and experienced accountants
  • Evaluation and ensuring accounting & reporting as per IFRS
  • Periodic financial reports of the business to the management (MIS)
  • Train & supervise accountants

Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll processing to Morison Menon can be beneficial. Our customized payroll solutions to our clients include:

  • Processing of monthly salary due to each employee
  • Maintenance of payroll information of all employees
  • Multi-currency salary payments
  • Drafting transfer letters to the bank
  • Preparing accrual reports
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Calculation of EOSB
  • Employees’ travel expense management
  • Ensuring compliance with Wage Protection Systems
  • Co-ordination for work permits

Accounting BPO

Business Process Outsourcing is the smart way to optimise your operations and focus on core business activities. With Morison Menon, you can enjoy all the benefits of an in-house accounting function – for a fraction of the cost. Many companies have benefited by outsourcing their accounting function to Morison Menon.