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Zenologics Solutions

Zenologics Solutions- an IT Consulting in UAE

Our main solutions are ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, HCM – Human Capital Management, PMS – Property Management System and Containerized Shipping & Logistics for a spectrum of unique industrial domains by combining web based applications, wireless applications, interactive portals and web sites, database intense applications and business intelligence. We always use top of the range technologies and tools to develop our applications. Our products always offer a high degree of availability, portability, flexibility, scalability and easy maintenance with best ROI. At the same time our solutions always can peacefully co-exist with other non-Zenologics applications in your organization and BPI – business process integration can be attained at a minimal cost and time by adding our SOA layer. This makes us Your Technology Partner!

Visit: www.zenologics.com/

Our Products :

  • ZEBRAS ERP : Trading, Retail, Production, Manufacturing& Integrated Back Office
  • ZEBRAS PMS : Exclusive Property Management System for Freeholds and Rentals of Real Estate
  • HEADS HCM : Corporate enterprise solution for HRMS& Payroll management

Our Services:

Software Development: We undertake from the scratch software development for government, semi-government and corporate organizations based on contemporary technologies like .Net, Java or Open Source. We can involve at different levels of the development process from process reengineering to coding and system documentation to implementation. We have seasoned professionals for every step of the application development and implementation process who always can contribute more than the expectations of the client.As per the sensitivity of the application and the client, delivery could be with complete source code and documentation or only the executable by maintaining the source code with us for the further enhancement and management of the application.

Software Consultancy: We provide consultancy services to all types of organization on various aspects of software applications from sourcing of the best suite to implementation. This can be designing a new business model, streamlining and optimizing operational flows, product adaption, software solution implementation strategies and many more. The customer requirements should be thoroughly analyzed. Then benchmark the software product against these requirements and rate the products according to adaptability. Then get into the side of financial feasibility and ROI factor as well. We provide a comprehensive service on this side to let out clients to choose the most adaptable systems for their nature of business and work culture. We help these clients on optimizing their process flows for the maximum information output through the proposed system. Further implementation strategies will be formed according to structure and nature of the organization, geographical constraints, quality of the staff, infrastructure considerations, etc. In short, we ensure a 100% success implementation of a system at our client organizations. Zenologics Solutions an IT consulting in UAE has seasoned financial consultants who can provide our clients very valued advice on financial strategies, process reengineering, risk analysis, investment plans, incorporation of companies at various free zones, providing infrastructural support and financial auditing services.

Software Evaluation: The software analysis and evaluating becomes a well-established practice inside the architecting of the software systems. The development effort, the time and costs of complex systems are considerably high. In order to assess system’s quality against the requirements of its customers, the architects and the developers need methods and tools to support them during the evaluation process. Different research groups have taken such initiatives and are proposing various methods for software architecture quality evaluation.The software economics contribute to our understanding of how software adds value to products and services. In a typical economic model, specific IT costs are measured against their potential financial value, risk and business impact, so budgets can be allocated to the areas with the highest potential returns. This includes the following points:

  • Evaluate return on prior software investments
  • Identify the system strengths and weakness of the current software portfolio
  • Prioritize software investment decisions
  • Decide when to overhaul or scrap software system

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