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Kizad- the Industrial Zone Of Tomorrow

The Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad), one of the world’s largest industrial zones, was unveiled to investors in November 2010. This mega project, which is a part of Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), will span 417sq km and will prove to be an integral part in the Abu Dhabi Government’s Economic Vision of diversifying its economy away from its dependency on oil, contributing 15% of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP by 2030. Kizad, through its unique characteristics, will ofer industries a new way of conducting their business, ofering them unprecedented opportunities for them to prosper and grow.

Phase 1 of the industrial zone, which covers 51sq km, is set to be ready in Q4 of 2012 and includes a net worth investment of DHS 26.5 billion ($7.2 billion). Kizad, which is located at Taweelah, midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, has targeted eight industry clusters which are set to atract world-class companies. The clusters include: Aluminium, Steel, Engineered Metal Products, Petrochemicals & Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare equipment, Food, Paper, Printing & Packaging.

Why Kizad?

Kizad is unique for various reasons apart, from its size, which is two-thirds that of Singapore. It ofers three core benefts that make it the industrial zone of tomorrow. Industries will:

• have outstanding access to global markets
• be subject to a low operating cost environment
• beneft from the ease of doing business

Furthermore, the industrial zone ofers free zone and non free zone
options for companies, knowing that one size does not ft all.

Kizad ofers potential tenants world-class transport infrastructure and a matchless network of connectivity via air, road and sea. The industrial zone is adjacent to Khaifa Port; the region’s most advanced sea port, which is set for completion by Q4 2012. It will also beneft from an integrated rail network that will link all tenant plots to the GCC and Europe and has three international airports within 45 minutes. Kizad’s strategic location provides businesses with access to approximately 4.5 billion consumers within four time zones of Abu Dhabi.

Through its vertically integrated clusters, Kizad will bring together upstream, midstream, and downstream producers, ofering businesses efciencies of scale. Industries will further beneft from Kizad’s low cost utilities of power, water and gas along with no custom duties to pay and being in an income tax haven location. In addition, potential tenants will be subject to competitive leasing costs.

At Kizad, business has been made easy, even before operations begin. Through long term bankable agreements from leading banks such as HSBC and Citibank, which have signed a global partnership with Kizad, future investors will gain easy access to fnancing for their businesses. Unprecedented convenience is another aspect that is ofered at the industrial zone through the ‘One Stop Shop’ business service portal, whereby Kizad will provide all necessary information related to establishing a business and will facilitate the relationships with Government and Licensing Authorities as well as utility companies to ensure rapid processing and approvals.

International Investment

Kizad has begun showcasing its characteristics to the world through its participation in leading conferences and exhibitions such as the International Cargo & Logistics Conference in Malaysia and the Hannover Messe Exhibition in Germany, which led the German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development to express their intent to co-operate regarding the development, the promotion and the operation of Kizad.

In May 2011, Kizad embarked on its international road show, launching in three of Asia’s economic giants, India, South Korea and China. In each country, Kizad presented to the continent’s leading industries, how the industrial zone can help them to establish successful enterprises that can develop and prosper beyond their respective countries’ borders.

The planning and organisation of Kizad is designed to add value at every stage of the supply chain by enhancing productivity; ofering businesses efciencies of scale, proximity, market access; and creating numerous job opportunities. All these atributes will give businesses long term competitive advantage.

Kizad is set to play an imperative role in Abu Dhabi’s economy by the year 2030 by paving the way for foreign direct investment. The zone is guaranteed to atract international and local companies and it is anticipated that between 60% and 80% of the goods manufactured within the industrial zone will be exported. Kizad will set new standards for industrial zone infrastructure, environment and operation, establishing international industry best practice and reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s global competitive advantage.

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