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About Site Provider – Morison Menon

Our site is developed and maintained by IPIX Solutions, a premier digital agency located in Calicut, India. With close to 20 years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, IPIX Solutions is a company that has never failed to impress. With core values of excellence and commitment to the customer, they deliver tailor made solutions for all our digital requirements. This creative agency has a solid technical background, and therefore is a great example of the synergy of innovation, creation and technology.

Their ideal of making their solutions ‘functionally beautiful’ has resulted in clean, streamlined codes, easy to use interfaces, and a website that has helped us reach a huge audience worldwide. Not only have they helped us showcase to the world what we are capable of, through our website, IPIX has helped us generate more revenue than before.

With an eclectic team comprised of experts in various fields,more About Site Provider IPIX Solutions has a think tank capable of delivering quirky and path breaking solutions. From site development and maintenance to mobile apps to personalised tech support, IPIX has delivered, every single time. Not only do they meet expectations, they exceed them.

We are happy to recommend their services to any of our clients who may need a creative digital agency.

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