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Among the topmost Audit Firms in Dubai, we have made our mark in the Middle East with our expert teams functioning within and outside the UAE in addition to our Dubai headquarters. In our two decades of existence we have emerged as one of the most reliable accounting firms in Dubai. Our hunger to excel was finally rewarded in 2014 when Morison Menon was awarded the Superbrand status by the Superbrands Council of UAE. Our diverse portfolio includes assistance in Company Formation in DubaiAuditors in Dubai and Business Consulting in Dubai. Our multi-specialty approach and practical, in-depth knowledge of market complexities combine to help our clients do better business globally. 

About Morison Menon

DUBAI AIRPORT FREEZONE provides a service-centric dateway to the Middle East.

Seventeen years ago, Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) was established as part of Dubai Government’s strategic plan to move the emirate towards an investment driven economy. Today, it accommodates over 1,600 international c

Demystifying Paper Document Digitizing

  Document digitizing is the conversion of paper records into electronic images on a computer. Once accessible from your desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds.   Just as the Internet

Spare the hatchet consider this..!

       Cutting costs is on every CEO’s mind. The hatchet is sharpened and soon enough, many heads roll. Objective achieved;or so it seems. If this was a listed company, the markets would have soar

Prerequisite for Successful Corporate Strategy

  Often we come across headlines “ABC announces their CEO XYZ, a 35-year veteran of the company and CEO since 2002, has agreed to step down, with immediate effect.” Normally this sort of announcement comes when stra


The 2014 general elections in India with clear mandate for Bharatiya Janata Party has raised the expectation of Indian industry and foreign investors on the Indian economy. The leadership of Narendra Modi the Honourable Prime Mi

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Middle East Headquarters Inauguration

We have moved to the prestigious Lake Central Tower at the Business Bay on Al Abraj Street, Dubai.      


Audit and Assurance

A highly skilled team of experts who have a healthy dose of professional cynicism – this best describes our Audit Team. Small wonder then, that out of the dozens of audit firms in Dubai, Morison Menon is the preferred name. We revel in helping clients navigate the complexities of modern business smoothly and efficiently.
Auditors in Dubai

Accounting Services

At Morison Menon, we know that creating, augmenting and conserving value for our clients is crucial; this defines us best; and this is the essence of what we do. As a premier accounting firm in Dubai, we help clients to exploit the potential offered by globalization and modernization of business.
Accountants in Dubai

Business Consulting

We believe in creating and delivering revolutionary and customized solutions for clients, especially when they are in the process of UAE company formation. We conduct an in-depth study of specific issues and offer objective suggestions to deal with them. Whether its boosting business performance, protecting assets or managing risk, our experts are there to help.
Business Consulting in Dubai

Company Incorporation Services

Dubai is an attractive destination for commerce, and every year there is a huge influx of new businesses. We help clients set up their business in the UAE within the legal framework and regulations as prescribed by the authorities. UAE company formation involves the procuring of several licences, for which we provide assistance.
Company Formation in Dubai

HR Consulting

To overcome attrition and other HR difficulties, we offer HR consultancy services to clients. Our 2 decade old experience in the UAE market and international exposure make us one of the leading HR consultants in UAE. Our practical knowledge of best HR practices can help you manage your most crucial asset – your employees.
HR consultancy in Dubai

IT Consulting

Quick response to technological advances and global market fluctuations is vital for survival and success; for this you need the right IT consultant who will provide reliable, quick and flexible solutions. Your search for IT consulting in UAE ends with Morison Menon. Our in-depth knowledge and experience will help you
IT Consulting & BPO in Dubai

Offshore Company Formation Services

As you know, the UAE comprises 7 independent Emirates. The regulations for UAE company formation may differ greatly for each region depending on the business environment prevalent there. Conforming to the regulations is of utmost importance, as is conducting a study of the market conditions and feasibility; we are there to help every step of the way.
Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Property Consulting

Property Consulting Over View: Investors around the world look for professional financial consultants /auditors with rich regional experience for support and consultancy in investments related to property, real estate, hospitality and stocks. Having drawn impetus from the growth dynamics of Dubai, Morison Menon Property Division offers trusted and top-notch consultancy services on all mater.
Property Consulting

Web Consulting

We are always on the lookout for the next and biggest, so our clients can seize every opportunity to excel and grow. Whatever be your requirement – a revenue generating site, viral mobile app, or anything else – we can make it happen. We are happy to say that we are one of the most sought after companies in UAE for SEO and web development purposes.
SEO Services and Web Design Dubai
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