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imapact of vat on business uae

Value Added Tax (VAT) - A tax on transaction; the concept is quite simple in theory, yet from a business perspective, the changes that the tax entails are often huge. It is a fact that the introduction of VAT system in the UAE will not just affect the end-consumers, but will have a deep impact on businesses as well. It won’t be too long to the introduction of VAT; as of Jan-2018, the UAE will in...

Top 3 FAQs about the UAE VAT implementation

With only half a year left before the implementation of the 5% value added tax (VAT) in the UAE roll out, a lot of questions about its regulation are still hanging in the air. We compiled the top three frequently asked questions and try to answer some of it. . Will the cost of living in the UAE go up? Yes, but this will depend mostly on the individual's lifestyle and spending habit. Wh...

3 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Auditor

Deciding which auditor to hire can be a bit tedious as it involves your company's financial stability. Ideally, the relationship between a company and the auditor should be long and beneficial for both parties.  Since the stakes are considerably high in choosing the right auditor, we have shared the key factors that a company needs to consider in order to choose the ideal auditor that will match ...