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Organizations, globally, have focused on outsourcing their non-core activities so as to invest further time on their core activities. One of the key processes which has seen a growing trend in outsourcing is Human Resource function. Outsourcing is a method where companies contract out a business process to an independent firm, which the firm provides as a service. In Outsourcing, the service provi...


Risk management processes are a section of general business procedures. Procedures are utilized to oversee and screen the regularly changing risk situations. The risk management process architecture is the outline of procedures, including their segments of sources of inputs, handling, and results. This design inventories and depicts risk management processes, each procedure's segments and inter...

imapact of vat on business

Value Added Tax (VAT) - A tax on transaction; the concept is quite simple in theory, yet from a business perspective, the changes that the tax entails are often huge. It is a fact that the introduction of VAT system in the UAE will not just affect the end-consumers, but will have a deep impact on businesses as well. It won’t be too long to the introduction of VAT; as of Jan-2018, the UAE will in...