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Accesibility Statement

Accesibility Statement

Morison Menon is committed to offering a website that can be accessed and viewed properly by the maximum number of visitors. This page describes the additional options that are available to help you view and navigate this web site smoothly.


This web site supports most of the popular browsers, but is likely to work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please do note that websites tend to also work better with specific versions of a browser, and that may not always be the latest version of that particular browser.

Screen resolution

This web site is designed for a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. If your current setting is lower than this, the pages will not fit into your browser window without the need to use the scrollbars.


All the images on this site are provided with descriptive ALT attributes. Graphics that are purely decorative in function have empty ALT attributes, to prevent them from displaying on screen to readers. Where images contain important information, such as graphs and charts, inline descriptions have been provided as an alternative, in case you are not able to view the image properly.

Audio files

To listen to our podcasts you will need a media player (like Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or iTunes). You should be able to download a media player for free from the developer’s website.


You will require Adobe Flash Player (version 8 or above) to view the multimedia presentations or video clips on this site; however, we have provided text alternatives for all the multimedia content. You can download the latest version from the Adobe Flash Player site.


All pages have a link to the home page, sitemap and search box. The navigation system has been designed so as to provide clear navigation pathways throughout the site and to maintain consistency regardless of which page you are on.


If you would like to use a screen reader to read PDF documents you can find out more at the Adobe Access website.


JavaScript is used widely in the development of this site; however, site functions like navigation and search will be completely functional even for those site visitors who do not have JavaScript enabled in their browser.

Feedback/Further Enquiry

If you have further questions or feedback relating to this website, please email us or type your query in the form provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page.